Matt Modrowski

I’m Matt Modrowski and I’m a full-stack designer that has been building applications for the web since 2006. I specialize in UI design, user experience, and front-end development.

The Following Previews Screenshot

The Following Previews

The Following Previews is a web application that aggregates and displays the latest movie trailers available online.

I designed and developed this personal side project that scours feeds to find new trailers, seeks related film information, and saves it to a database. The front-end provides an easy way to filter the aggregated list of trailers, as well as submit user-based feedback and discussion.

Onswipe Screenshot


Onswipe is a mobile publishing platform that creates application-like mobile sites for web publishers.

While working with Onswipe, I helped to build out the updated version of their publishing platform, creating web content components that could be reused across platforms and devices, designing and building customizable site layouts for publisher use, and contributing my user experience knowledge to their management console.

Quench Screenshot


Quench is a Gulp file and project generator that helps designers get started with the Gulp automation tool.

I designed and built this one-page site as a side project in response to my own need for a tool that quickly and efficiently builds out projects with Gulp. The application presents a list of customizable options that live update Gulp and package.json files that can be copied or downloaded.

Swiftly Screenshot


Swifty is a browser extension and web application that lets you share and discuss links with the people closest to you.

I was involved in this project from idea to launch. My role included brainstorming product ideas, performing user research, designing the browser extension and responsive site, as well as building out the front and back end.

myHome at Ithaca Screenshot

myHome at Ithaca

myHome at Ithaca is Ithaca College's intracampus portal that aggregates campus resources, internal systems, and external Internet data onto user-customizable pages.

This project was created in coordination with the Director of Enterprise Application Services. I researched, designed, and built this project from start to finish, including community features that allow for custom portlet development and sharing of custom pages.

International Unsubscribe Week Screenshot

International Unsubscribe Week

A small, one page site, International Unsubscribe Week seeks to help email recipients tame their inbox by dedicating a few minutes in June 2015 to unsubscribe from unwanted email.

I wireframed, designed, and built this project.